Spot-fixing trial: Judge refuses to accept Amir’s apology

The judge in the spot-fixing trial involving suspended trio Mohammad Asif, Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir said on Wednesday that he did not accept Amir’s apology.

In a startling revelation, over a year after the spot-fixing scandal broke, Amir earlier confessed to bowling deliberate no-balls during a Test match in England. The man accused of setting up the deal, Mazher Majeed, also pleaded guilty.

Amir was given a “Newton Hearing” in which Justice Cooke heard his side of the story and no official jury was present.

Amir earlier submitted his written confession in Southwark Crown Court, London, through his British lawyer Gareth Pierce’s firm Birnberg Peirce & Partners. An official confirmed that the statement maintained that Amir was coerced into his actions, rather than acting out of greed.

Amir’s mother said on Wednesday her teenage son’s actions were understandable because he was still a child. “I’ve had this in my hand for a year and a half,” said Naseem Akhtar, mother of 19-year-old Mohammad Amir, pointing to prayer beads in her hand.

Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif were found guilty on Tuesday by a unanimous verdict on the charge of “conspiracy to cheat”. A 10-2 majority decision was returned on the charge of “conspiracy to obtain and accept corrupt payments”..

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One Response to Spot-fixing trial: Judge refuses to accept Amir’s apology

  1. Joey@ Goldis Jewelry says:

    What has this world come to? I could only watch a bit of the video before I had to flick it off. This judge is a complete narcissist as evidenced by his reaction to his daughters downloading music and to top it off his child has cerebral palsy. It is unbelievable that an educated judge would partake in such a thing. Now I get it she was “stealing” stealing and as a judge this may have hit a nerve with him but there is no excuse for what he did. Unfortunately given the laws and rules that govern this sort of thing may make it very hard to prosecute Judge Adams. The statue of limitations is long past so there will likely be no legal action again judge William Adams but what I can tell you is that his days as a judge are numbered. Can you imagine this guy deciding day in and day out who should actually be imprisoned for abuse all the while hes coming home and beating his own daughter, its just deplorable.

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