‘Pakistani officers and soldiers are the best professionals’

 Pakistani troops serving under the flag of United Nations at Darfur have Developed “Mournei Team Site” under the hostile security environment inhospitable terrain and earned the exceptional phrase of applause from the United Nations Mission in Darfar (UNAMID) Force Commander Lieutenant General Patrick Nyamvumba.

According to ISPR, he said “Pakistani officers and soldiers are the best professionals”. Development of “Mournei Team Site” was a mammoth challenge. It was surmounted by the sappers of Pakistan Army engineers in a remarkable manner.

As a good will gesture and a civil military cooperation project, Pakistan Army engineers were tasked to improve the road in Mournei Town which was in a dilapidated state. The project envisaged mammoth amount of earthwork including grading, levelling and stabilizing the road.

It may be recalled that Pakistan has always endeavoured to provide maximum possible support to maintain peace and stability around the world and has been at the forefront in international peacekeeping missions.

Pakistan’s participation in peacekeeping activities of the United Nations reflects its belief in the brotherhood of mankind and its commitment to peace across the world.

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