MQM shields real assassins by getting other activists arrested

Karachi Police and Rangers are indirectly helping Muttahida Qaumi Movement to get a clean-chit in cases related to May 12 and April 9 killings in the city, sources have claimed.

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement has arranged arrests of its activists, who later admitted to the two incidents but they are not the real culprits, sources said.

“They would retract their statements in the court of law and as there would be no witness against them, it is highly likely that these people would be acquitted.”

The whole devise is meant to shield real men involved in the brutal killings and after acquittal of its activists Muttahida Qaumi Movement would be able to proclaim innocence for both heinous crimes, which stained its reputation, sources said.

MQM has already used similar strategy when Hakim Saeed, a prominent figure of Pakistan, was gunned down in Karachi. Its activists arrested for the murdered subsequently won their release from the courts as they were not identified by the witnesses.

Sources say MQM had itself got those activists arrests as it successfully kept the real assassins away from the police.

Now, say the sources, the old plot is working again as Shahra-e-Faisal Police has lodged three FIRs against two of MQM suspected terrorists Wamiq Attique Siddiqui and Nadeem Hassan Zaidi. The two men were originally arrested by Pakistan Rangers on the night between September 8 and 9 from Federal B area and weapons had been recovered from their possession.

Rangers sources say they handed over the two men to Shahra-e-Faisal police after they admitted to their role in May 12 and April 9 killings.

But  Shahra-e-Faisal police record shows they had been arrested after an encounter with “police” on Rashid Minhas Road. The three FIRs also do not directly implicate them in May 12 and April 9 cases.

Shahra-e-Faisal Police Station’s Assistant Sub Inspector Saqib told that they had admitted to killing a Pashtun man on May 12, 2007 and lynching lawyers on April 9, 2008.

However, sources say police apparently had no intention to capitalize on the confessions and take the investigation of two high profile cases to next level.

Wamiq and Nadeem both were allowed to receive other MQM activists in the police station and enjoyed facility of making telephone calls to their families, say our sources.

Future for them is promising as they have fair chance of getting released as soon as their cases go to the court of law.

Meanwhile, important terrorist from MQM Federal B Area Unit 146 have gone into hiding.

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