Lord Nazir asks London police to share findings on Imran Farooq murder











Pakistani-origin British Lord Nazir Ahemed has asked the Lodon police to share its findings on Imran Farooq murder case with him, requesting a report from the Scotland Yard.

Meanwhile, London Metropolitan Police has announced 20,000 pound sterling reward for any information on the murder of dissident Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader, who was stabbed to death exactly one year ago in a posh London area.

On his first death anniversary the Metropolitan Police made a video appeal for information and said that 40 of its investigators were probing the assassination.

Lord Nazir Ahemd in a letter to police commissioner said that he had read much about Imran Farooq murder in the press, including reports of some people having been  arrested at Karachi airport.

He said latest video conference from MQM leader Altaf Hussain could provoke more violence in Karachi as Altaf had threatened journalists.

Lord Nazir said as member of British Parliament he was entitled to inquire about Scotland Yard investigation into circumstances of Imran Farooq murder.

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