PoL Price hike: Political parties, masses reject hike

Political parties and masses have rejected the price hike in Petroleum products and termed it as a barbaric step which would further enhance inflation.

Oil Gas Regulatory Authority On late Thursday night increased petrol prices by 10 to 13%.  Petrol prices were increased by Rs 6.98/l bringing the price to Rs 83.56 per liter, Diesel prices by Rs 10.67 per liter bringing the price to Rs 92.89 per liter.

Masses, who are already braving inflation,  rejecting the price hike said that this would bring added burden on their lives and demanded immediate withdrawal of price hike.

Demanding Chief Justice to take Suo Moto notice of this atrocity said that the storm of inflation has already made their lives a living hell and now this increase would increase the rates of everyday commodities and put an extra burden on their pockets, They said that when govt reduces petroleum prices they just do by a few paisa and when they increase it is in rupees.

They said that they would be force to come out on streets if the decision is not taken aback.
Political parties like PML-N, MQM and Sunni Tehrik have also rejected the price hike in petroleum products.

PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif said if government had taken measures to control corruption it would not have had to increase the petroleum prices. The govt should stop testing the patience of the masses. Govt instead of solving the problems has added on to them and it should with draw its decision.

He said that govt is making the public pay the price of its corrupt practices.
On the other hand MQM leaders have also expressed their reservations over the new increase in POL prices.

Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad Khan and MQM leader Dr. Farooq Sattar contacted the President, Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Interior Minister and conveyed MQM’s reservations over the issue of price hike.

Meetings of the Coordination Committee would be held simultaneously in London and Karachi to devise a strategy on the issue of increase in POL prices.

Sunni Tehreek has also rejected the increase in POL prices and demanded of the government to continue the sale of petroleum products on old rates.

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