Taj Haider, Memon not to submit apology in front of court

Secretary General of Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh Taj Haider has said that PPP believed in reconciliation and was desirous that conflict between judiciary and administration should come to an end.

He was talking to the media at Karachi airport before leaving for Islamabad where he would appear before the Supreme Court, as Chief Justice called him in the case regarding contempt of court. Another party leader Sharjeel Memon, who was also summoned by the court, was also flanked him.

Taj Haider, who is also media coordinator to Sindh government, told the journalists that PPP always carried out the politics of reconciliation and took even their worst woes on board. “Judiciary and administration are the two important pillars of the state.

I can never even think to disrespect the courts. Submitting apology is out of question as If I am charged under the crime which I did  not commit, then seeking pardon would be as par with the accepting the crime”, he added.

He was of the view that some elements are trying to drag the judiciary into politics and an impression of rift between court and administration is being created.

He said that if there is any tension between the two state pillars, it should be dissolved. All the players should respect each other and function within constitutional orbit. He said that the appurtenance of political workers in the court is a routine matter.

On the occasion MPA Sharjeel Memon said that he is firm on his stance. “I would accept jail but not tender apology. I always respect the courts and would continue to give esteem to the judiciary”, Memon added.

He said that the ‘Jialas’ of PPP would not be afraid with such bustles. The true workers of PPP could be beheaded but their heads would not be bowed in front of anyone except Almighty Allah.Memon said, no one took action on the release of Raymond Davis.

The founder father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of PPP was hanged . The government of Benazir Bhutto was toppled but PPP never got justice from the courts while on the other hand if Nawaz Sharif goes to the court, then justice is dispensed to him.

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  1. Stan Hollopeter says:

    There is obvisously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features too. Great Job.

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