Target killer involved in killing of more than 100 people arrested







Target killer involved in terrorism operation and wanted in cases of killing of more than 100 people including police officers and activists of various political parties has been arrested.

The official sources have confirmed the arrest of criminal Adnan (Ajmal) most wanted in more than 100 cases including killing of workers of political parties.

As per details, the criminal was released on parole during Musharraf regime. The criminal has been shifted to unknown place for investigations and the net of investigation has been increased.

The six high officials of CID, Special Investigation Unit and Anti-Crime Cell have been called to Islamabad for investigation from Adnan.

Sources further told that sensitive departments have become active after increasing incident of target killing.

The Intelligence Agencies acted on tip off and arrested Adnan notorious criminal from Sarjani town but the important arrest was kept secret due to President Zardari’s address to joint meeting of Parliament.

Sources further told that Adnan released on parole  during Musharraf regime is convicted of killing policemen, leaders of opposition political parties 4 US citizens remained active in Karachi operation 1992, and more than 100 cases of terrorism were registered against him.

However, at present Adnan has been arrested again by the intelligence agencies and shifted him to some unknown place due to escalated incidents of target killing in Karachi.

It has been said that after his arrest the federal government has called on 6 senior police officers in Islamabad.

The sources confirmed that his arrest is being kept secret due to his affiliation with the key political party of the country and the intelligence officials are keeping Islamabad updated.

The sources revealed that after investigation from the criminal a list of his comrades have been prepared while all preparations have made to take stout action against them.

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2 Responses to Target killer involved in killing of more than 100 people arrested

  1. wasif ghaffar says:

    proved he is mqm guy

  2. Tauseaf Mumtaz says:

    after two dyas noe media said ajmal has been arrested and i told my viewers that news 2 days before……………

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