President’s speech was as expected, says Imran

Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said that the President Zardari’s addressed to the Joint Session in a language alien to the people of Pakistan.

He was addressing his masters on whose crutches he will remain in power, says a press released received here on Tuesday.

He said it over reacting to the speech of the President Asif Zardari in a Joint Session of the Parliament, Mr. Khan said that on the one hand the people are desperate for a change in the policy on war on terror which has destroyed our internal security and our economy, on the other hand the President announced that the war on terror would last for an indefinite period, in effect forecasting further death and destruction to the people of Pakistan.

The PTI Chief said that at a time when national sovereignty and honor was put to shame by the PPP and PML(N) government in the way Raymond Davis was freed, the President is advocating a continuing slave master relationship with the US.

In his speech, the President stressed on the need for a sovereign parliament and the supremacy of the Constitution conveniently forgetting or deliberately ignoring the resolution of the Joint Session of Parliament that called for an end to all drone attacks.

Imran Khan stated that the President again repeated his often repeated claim that the murderers of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto would be arrested soon, whereas the reality is that even after 3 years of PPP rule except for political gain, the PPP led government is no closer in arresting the assassins as well as those who masterminded her murder.

He expressed his determination that only a PTI led government would bring to justice the perpetrators of Mohtarma’s assassins and those behind it.

The PTI Chairman Imran Khan stated that the reaction of the opposition during the President’s speech was preplanned between the ruling and the so called friendly opposition which was reminiscent of the arranged release of Raymond Davis.

The PTI Chairman said as expected the speech meant nothing to the people of Pakistan as it provided no hope for any improvement in their economic or security situation in future.

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