Pakistan Wants cordial ties with India: FO

The foreign office spokesperson, Tehmina Janjua has said that Pakistan Wanted peace and harmony in the region, by developing cordial ties with India.

Delivering the weekly press briefings at the foreign office on Thursday, she announced that talks between Pakistan and India had resumed, and the first 2-day round of resumed talks covering disputed matters would begin on 28 March, and would cover issues like, anti-narcotics and checking smuggling.

She reiterated Pakistan’s resolve for better ties and harmonious relations with its neighbors and Central Asian States (CAS), and while referring to recent handing over of authority to Afghan government by NATO/ISAF, declared it a good omen, which would augur good and positive sign for the region, besides enabling Afghans to run their own government, effectively.

Strongly condemning the sacrilege of The Holy Quran by the notorious and satanic Florida priest, Terry Jones, the FO spokesperson declared the shameful instance as an endeavor to mar inter-faith religious harmony, which has to be stopped. She informed that both Pakistan’s ambassador Hussain Haqqani and Pakistan’s ambassador to UN Hussain Haroon had raised the issue in front of global authorities.

Referring to recent murderous drone attacks, which resulted in deaths of innocent lives, and declaring it as a severe and genocidal violation of human rights she said that these would not be tolerated anymore, while (she also informed that) the issue had been raised in front of American authorities.

Deliberating over the Arab situation, she informed that Libya had been declared as a no-fly zone, while any Pakistani national wanting to return, should use land routes, while (she informed) that foreign ministry has already made elaborate plans for assisting the return of Pakistanis.

Referring to the volatile situation in Bahrain, she said that Pakistan desired peace and harmony in Bahrain, while Pakistan was monitoring the situation there quite closely.
Answering a question regarding security measures for Pakistani Cricket Team in.

she informed that Pakistani High Commissioner in India was in constant touch with Indian authorities, and made it clear that security of Pakistani team was Indian responsibility.

She also expressed her deep sorrows and sympathies with Japanese quake victims, and assuring full moral support for Japan informed about Pakistani relief consignments for Japan, while President Asif Ali Zardari would also be visiting the Japanese Embassy.

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  1. Linwood Leanard says:

    Hello, Great job. I did not expect this just before the weekend. Thanks

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