Malik urges India to providing security to Pak team

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Thursday hoped that India will provide optimum security to Pakistan cricket team playing in World Cup semi-final match in the Indian city of Mohali.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik expressed these views in a joint press conference with Secretary General Interpol Ronald K Nobel on Thursday.

He told that due to timely intelligence information by Pakistan to Interpol a terrorism bid in Colombo during the world cup matches has been foiled and the involved man has been captured.
He hoped that India will provide good security to Pakistani team playing in World Cup match in India.   Secretary General Interpol Ronald K Nobel was of the view that a man, planning terrorist attack during the cricket World Cup, was arrested from Maldives.

Rehman Malik said that a methodical database of terrorists has been prepared hence India has been warned to take stringent security measures as Taliban has undoubtedly established its network in India.He said that Pakistan has handed Red Book to Interpol, which will immensely in curtailing and curbing the menace of terrorism.

On the occasion, Secretary General Interpol Ronald K Nobel said that the Red Book issued by Pakistan, which has ample information regarding information of terrorists would help in dismantling the network of terrorists all over the world.

He said that Interpol is taking far-sighted and gigantic steps besides Intelligence Sharing and training of Pakistani Intelligence Agencies and Security Agencies to foil terrorism and extremism tooth and nail.

Interpol top official Ronald K Nobel said that with the intelligence information provided by Pakistan terrorist planning attack in World Cup was arrested from Maldives while trying to go to Sri Lanka.

Rehman Malik highly lauded the measures taken by the Interpol while added that Pakistan want to hold first Interfaith Conference with the sheer support of Interpol.
Strong and stable Pakistan is in the interest of the entire South Asia and the world, he said.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has urged the Secretary General Interpol Ronald K Noble to play a role to restrict pastor Terry Jones from burning the Holy Quran (God forbids).

“Interpol must play its role to stop this heinous criminal act, as it will bring irreversible damage to world peace, especially when the world is fighting a war against terrorism,” Malik said.

Interior minister insisted Ronald K Noble to take up issue with the concerned US authorities for halting the insane so called priest for committing this highly criminal act.

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