MQM grievances to be addressed

Chief Minister Sindh Sayed Qaim Ali Shah on Wednesday said that the reservations of MQM on law and order situation in Karachi will be addressed, in this connectiona joint committee has been constituted to tackle the situation.

He expressed these notions, while talking to the media after inauguration of Mega Festival “Asan Jo Larkana, Shahr-e-Benazir”  here in Larkana.

Chief Minister said that the PPP will complete its five year term, while those who are waiting for mid term election should wait for the period.

He said the PPP did not come from back doors but the PPP had public mandate and the masses will elect PPP in next process he said.

He said certain politicians were spending much amount on their outfit and wastingthe time of nation but they are criticizing on PPP government, he said theprevious government had ignored Sindh specially Larkana in different sectors ofhealth and education, which the resulted Sindh faced economic crises he said.

ChiefMinster Sindh accompanied by Provincial Minister Local Government Agha SirajDurani, Law Minister Mohammed Ayaz Soomro, Revenue Minister Jaam Mehtab Daharand local PPP leaders inaugurated four days Mega Festival at Sambara InnLarkana.

Onthe occasion, Sayed Qaim Ali Shah visited several cultural, educational,Agricultural, Handicraft and other Arts and Exhibition, stalls set up by thedifferent departments.

ChiefMinister addressing at Arts Council Larkana said that it is the muchparticipation of womenfolk and it is the good sign and development of educationthat it was the dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to empower the women indifferent fields he said.

Hesaid present government is spending much amount on the Education, Health andother sectors, which were ignored in previous government, while presentgovernment objectives to develop the key areas of health and education.

Hesaid the festival is also key of success in the social activities and culturaldevelopment process. He also announced Rs. 0.1 million on the best performanceof children presenting tableaus and other activities by school children.

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