Moonis Elahi sent on 3 day physical remand,pml-q protest

Moonis Elahi has been sent to a three day physical remand to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Friday.

According to journalist reports, Elahi was presented before the Judicial Magistrate’s court. The deputy director of the FIA said Elahi was involved in the corruption.

Elahi’s lawyer said permission of the speaker is needed for the arrest of any member of the assembly. He requested the court to investigate if the permission was taken or not.
The court, after reserving the verdict for a while, ordered three day physical remand of Moonis Elahi and ordered him to appear again on March 21.

on other hand PML-Q has registered its strong protest against the arrest of son of former CM, Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, and MPA, Chaudhry Mounis Elahi, declaring it as a personal vendetta of federal interior minister Rehman Malik.

PML-Q registered its strong protest in Friday session of the provincial assembly, when Speaker Assembly admitted that FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) had, against the rules, not intimated him regarding the arrest. He assured that FIA would be accounted for its irresponsible behavior.

Chaudhry Zaheer uddin informed the House that PML-Q had supported the PPP-led government in order to discourage turncoats and encourage democracy; while a meeting between PML-N and PPP, to discuss this very PML-Q’s support of PPP, was mistakenly touted as a support for this case against Mounis Elahi, which was a totally wrong notion.

He said that Chaudhry Mounis Elahi was a scion of a political hierarchy, and as such was bound to be indicted often, declaring the issue a result of personal grudges between additional director FIA and interior minister Rehman Malik.

The PML-Q members raised slogans against interior minister and additional director Rehman Malik, which were duly returned by PPP MPAs. The resulting pandemonium continued unabated for 10 minutes, which was fully enjoyed by official benches.

Speaking on behalf of PPP, Chaudhry Ashraf Sohna said that Chaudhry Mounis Elahi was arrested over High Court’s rejection of bail, citing an earlier arrest of PPPP minister, and even investigations from PM’s very own son, as well. After some severe spat between women MPAs of PPP and PML-Q, PPPP has assured PML-Q to raise the issue in front of PPP leadership.

Meanwhile talking on a point-of-order, PPP MPA, Sajida Mir reminded that as previous Speaker Assembly, (the current PM) Makhdoom Yousaf Raza Gilani, issued production orders of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad and countless others; hence production orders of Mounis Elahi should also be produced.

Other MPAs including Javed Asghar, Qamar Hayat Kathia, Majida Zaidi and others, while lauding the courage of Mounis Elahi, demanded that Speaker assembly should issue immediate production orders for Mounis, but so far no production orders were issued.

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