Imran warns of launching civil disobedience movement










Chairman Tehrik e Insaf Imran khan has warned of launching a civil disobedience movement, participated by doctors, lawyers, farmers, laborers and students and other segments of society.

While addressing the protest rally launched against release of Killer American, Raymond Davis in Islamabad on Friday, he expressed that how long COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani would stand aside and observe innocent Pakistanis dying; urging that General Kayani must stand up because it was duty of Pakistan army to provide security to the lives of all the Pakistanis.

He strongly castigated the Sharifs and Zardaris for betraying the blood of Pakistanis while ensconced safely and luxuriously in London.

Imran khan said during last 60 years, 32 thousand Pakistan have been unjustifiably killed, while after the release of Raymond Devis, 40 innocent Pakistanis were martyred in a drone attack on Wednesday.

He further expressed that America will continue killing Pakistani like lambs and sheep if Nation DOES not stand for its rights, announcing that time for change has arrived.

He warned that any future killing or death in drone attacks would force Pakistanis out in the streets, and also accused that rulers would keep on filling their Swiss account by staking more and more innocent lives; and also questioned the sincerity of many leaders who have their possessions, money and children residing outside the country.

He also castigated Sharif Brothers for selling out to the government to gain more wealth and palaces. Reminding them that it was also their duty to provide safety to the people of Pakistan. He also held security agencies responsible for the present situation.

He warned that the current peaceful demonstrations would turn to civil wars if the situation repeated itself, and questioned the validity of taxation and raising energy prices, while the leaders themselves did not pay any taxes.

Speaking on the occasion, JI leader from Jamaat e Islami Mian Mohammed Aslam declared that people of Pakistan had rejected the release of killer American Raymond Davis; accusing federal and provincial government for severely hurting the emotions of people by bargaining with the sovereignty and honor of 18 crores people.

He declared both President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani as traitors, branding them as elements of international conspiracies against Pakistan, and said that there was need of honest and courageous leadership in Pakistan.

Earlier the protesters chanted slogans severely criticizing government and America in protest launched here in Abpara .the workers of Tehrik e Insaf and Jamaat e Islami were holding banners and placards against America and Government.

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