CIA spy Raymond Davis buys his flight to freedom from PAKISTAN

Sessions judge has released US citizen Raymond Davis involved in killings of two Pakistanis.

According to agreement documents on  Wednesday 19 legal relatives  appeared the court and signed the agreement that they pardon Raymond Davis. After that , Raymond Davis was released.

Raymond Davis was released being pardoned legal relatives of murder persons under Diyat.

US spy agent Raymond Davis had killed two Pakistani Faizan and Fahim on January, 27 in Lahore.

The blood relative of  two victims said they were forced to sign Diyat papers. During the hearing of the case they were kept in jail for four hours, they added.

According to agreement Raymond Davis was released after Rs 200 million were paid to blood relatives of the victims. Davis lawyer paid Rs 60 million before the court.

After released Davis and US embassy official  took a special flight to  US.

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