Target killers disregarded Rehman’s warning: 2 more killed in Karachi

Target killers disregarding the warning given by Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik killed two men in Karachi here on Tuesday bringing the death toll to 11 in 24 hours.
According to police and hospital sources, 2 people were killed in different incidents of firing in Karachi. Incident of killings took place in the premises of Zaman Town Police stations.

In Korangi, one person Lal Mohammed died and 2 persons Ejaz and Sultan got injured in an incident of firing between two groups over hoisting of flags. Dead body and the injured were shifted to Jinnah hospital.

Incident caused the wave of terror in the area and heavy numbers police and rangers were deployed in the area.

In another incident in jurisdiction of Zaman Town police station , tortured dead body of a young man was found   in Kachra Mandi. According to the police the body is still not identified however the deceased person is of nearly 28 years. Dead body has been  shifted to Jinnah hospital for legal measures.

Last night in Baghdadi, area of Lyari, one man was also killed in an incident of firing.
Wave of utter terror has engulfed the area as the result of incident of firing by unknown persons, which killed 2 persons in Khada market of Lyari. Business centers and markets were kept closed even on Tuesday.

Firing in area of Quaid e Azam colony, Gulshabad, killed one person.
A dead body of 58-year man was also recovered in Kharadar from Machli Miani market.

Where as a young man was also killed in incident of firing near Kharadar police station.
On the other hand.

Federal Interior minister Rehman Malik on his arrival in Karachi on Monday night had issued strict orders to deal with target killers on Monday night and issued last warning to target killers however target killers disregarded his warning by continuing the series of target killing in the city.

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