PIA employees stopped from performing Umrah








On immediate orders of PIA Marketing Department, PIA employees have been stopped from availing travel facility as per their entitlement to go to Jeddah for performing Umrah.

The employees are anxious about the orders and fearing that they would bear the loss of millions of rupees which they submitted against visa fees.

According to the PIA rules, PIA employees are provided free international tickets and a large number of employees avail this facility to go to Jeddah for performing Umrah, a religious practice, every year. PIA employees have obtained Umrah visas in a large number this year as well.

The employees obtain Umrah visa after the Hajj season so the maximum space in PIA flights can be availed by the employees before revenue paying passengers start traveling to Jeddah for Umrah.

The employees termed the recent embargo by Marketing Department on PIA employees travel for Umrah an attempt to create panic and deprive the employees of their legal right.

The employees said that the Marketing Department raised no objection on free tickets availed for excursion in European and other countries but stopped PIA employees to perform a religious practice.

PIA has been facilitating its employees with free international tickets for last many decades and no such issue was raised till now and more and more employees had been availing this facility every year.

The employees said that if Marketing Department wanted to hold back this facility for any reason, they should have informed the employees earlier so that they would not obtain Umrah visas.

But, Marketing Department is intentionally creating troubles for the employees and the decision is meant to torture them mentally, they added.

The spokesman of Joint Action Committee of PIA Employees (JACPIAE) condemned the decision of marketing department as there seems to have no justified reason to stop the employees from performing a religious practice, Umrah.

He said that the employees must have been informed one or two months prior to obtaining Umrah visa. The spokesman demanded that the employees, who have got the visa already, should be allowed to travel on extra section to Jeddah to perform Umrah so the trust of employees can be maintained on PIA.

The spokesman said that JACPIAE is seeking appointment for a meeting with PIA MD to apprise him of conspiracy against this uncalled for restriction so that the financial loss of the employees can be curtailed and free Umrah facility can be restored.

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