RAYMOND DAVIS REAL NAME IS ‘Michael George Fernandez’

An investigation report on Wednesday revealed that Raymond Davis was the station head of Central Investigation Agency (CIA) in Pakistan and was a former US marine who served for M-5 Corps.

Investigation report pertaining to American murderer Raymond Davis forwarded to high ups exposed his real identity as ‘Michael George Fernandez’.

Owing the exclusive expertise in ‘intelligence operating system’, he was deputed in American CIA from M-5 Corps for the execution of secret mission. Previously, he served under the direct authority of CIA chief Leon Panetta.

Highly reliable sources disclosed Davis is an expert in articulating Pushto, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, Hindko and Marathi, and this why he was deputed in Pakistan as CIA chief in December 2010.

Sources told that investigation report includes information regarding his meeting with American Consular General, Carmela Conroy in Lahore where he handed over the secrete computer chip about the US drone attacks in FATA and since drones have again started operating.

Investigative report also disclosed Davis’s visit to Karachi where he called on two political cum nationalist leaders and distributed bunch of money. Investigations pertaining to that are underway.

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