Shah mehmood quraishi said on Saturday that nation needed neat and clean leadership for protecting the country.

Regarding Raymond Davis issue, the immunity Americans are demanding is illegal. can’t be given. Was it wrong which I dare to ask? Shah  mehmood  questioned; cannot we have conscientious leadership out of 180million masses?

He added while addressing the big public gathering at his native town ghanta ghar multan. I had to come appear before the masses court as the accountability done here was too tough than any court of law.

My intention and hands are clean, he pride. This is first time he arrived his native town after expelling from the foreign ministry portfolio where masses accorded him warm welcome as he led the big rally from airport to public meeting point.

Shah Mehmood was expressing over his successful tenure past three year.

He further said that there is need to establish relation with united state but relation should be on equality basis.

How were our relations with America? Which deteriorated on one incident, he lamented.

While addressing shah showed emotion and some where he abstain from hard remarks.

Some people shouted emotionally slogans…PM will be shah mehmood…….. Shah Mehmood and Pakistan ka mutlabe kiya…. LA ILAHA ILLALAHA shah mehmood chanted this  holy slogan as its resounds same in the Washington.

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