Altaf wants revolution through ballot box: Farooq Sattar

Deputy Convener of MQM’s Rabta Committee Dr. Farooq Sattar Tuesday said Qauid-e-Tehrik (Altaf Hussain) wanting to rid of 2% ‘ruling elite’, wanted to usher in revolution through ballot box (adult Franchise).

Addressing a joint press conference, alongwith renowned cricketer, Sarfaraz Nawaz in Rawalpindi, the MQM leader said MQM had already started its movement, and, masses would repose their confidence in it on 10th April’s MQM rally under the Minar-e-Pakistan (Pakistan monument).

He said 98 percent crisis-ridden masses of Pakistan endeavored to rid of two percent of elite, and endeavor for a sovereign Pakistan, and warned all those striving for hierarchical politics to refrain from obstructing the movement; “ lest a revolution like Egypt, Tunis swamped them all”, he declared.

Sattar lauded the renowned sportsman, and also declared that Sarfaraz Nawaz was equally an active politician as well. “His joining the ranks of MQM would strengthen the movement for amelioration of poor masses (by MQM) “, he declared.

Speaking on the occasion, Sarfaraz Nawaz declared Altaf Hussain as a complete political philosophy, which aimed at popular revolution, rerouting Pakistan on a path of progress and development.

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3 Responses to Altaf wants revolution through ballot box: Farooq Sattar

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  2. Romaine Harbeck says:

    I thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insigth at the end there. Not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’

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