UK opposition party urges review in asylum policy

LONDON: The UK opposition party ‘Labour’ has started pressurizing the government to review the policy of political asylum. The party has decided to raise the issue in parliament given the murder of self-exiled MQM’s leader Imran Farooq, who was stabbed to death on  outside his residence in London.

Pawl Watson, the leader of Labour Party’s Sunderland Council, said to this correspondent in a recent interview that Britons have got frightened at this murder in London like safe and protected city. We are worried at this situation. It seems that a regional dispute of a sub-continental county has barged into our land.

It may be mentioned that Sunderland is considered being the hub of Labour Party. Politicians belong to this city enjoy great influence on British Government.

“Imran Farooq’s murder has fettered us to call for a review in political asylum policy. We will pressurize the government for the purpose”, Pawl Watson said.

Labour leader said that Britain is a country where people believe that they are safe. But this heinous murder has worried us. People think that the war that is going on abroad has been diverted towards our country. So, it is the high time for the government to bring reforms in its asylum policy.

While talking about ex-President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharruf , Pawl Watson said that he was a dictator and he damaged his country. He was a tyrant ruler, who took decisions all by himself. He merely knew how to fight a rough war instead of running a democratic country.

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6 Responses to UK opposition party urges review in asylum policy

  1. naveed says:

    nice one tauseaf keep it up

  2. akram says:

    try to get some more interviews ,try to get higher level politician.that is your great effort

  3. syed imtiaz gilani says:

    good tousif …excellent try

  4. Tauseaf Mumtaz says:

    all of you thanks

  5. phil yates says:

    hey , we being a friendly country also concern about pakistan.we want pakistani politician to work alongside their nation and concentrate providing basic facilities to a common man. only a good democracy and involment of common man can bring change in pakistan.dictatorship will never help .
    also student try to build a positive image of their country.
    wish u good luck Mr Touseef.

  6. Vince Geldmacher says:

    I really see what you mean, I’ve talked about this for a while now

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