Another Taliban sponsored hard blow in Karachi


Twin suicide bomb blasts which hit the holy mausoleum of Abdullah Shah Ghazi have claimed 9 lives and left dozens wounded meanwhile Taliban have taken aback citizens of Karachi aback after promptly claiming responsibility.

Home Minister Sindh, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, after visiting the ill-fated blast site, made skyrocketing claims of rounding up the perpetrators very soon but one fails to understand that how come such average educated persons and less equipped with latest technology in security world, become efficient enough to deceive highly armed security men and places highly guarded with security equipments due to presence of a large number of people, and launch a suicide attack.

It has become such a filthy menace which has been marring our nation’s, already divided into many sects and factions, the will for spirituality then weather it be shrine, imam barga, mosque and any other holy place where people gather for bowing down their heads in front of Almighty Allah.

Seeing suicidal attacks on such sacred places, it is nothing short of a child’s play to understand that what kind of secret elements must be behind the conspiracy? As these brutalities – killing innocent human beings in the name of Islam, who seek to worship Almighty Allah however they recognize him – shall result in distracting peoples’ attention from congregating at holy places and ultimately discouraging will to be a practicing Muslim.

Now, almost every person in Pakistan has seen fully through the conspiracy of suicide attacks, while the hatchers must be the long-time-foes of not only Pakistan but the enemies of the real essence of Islam too, who find it real easy to train young boys, showing dreams of heaven, and bring them round to trigger suicide attacks and also, successfully send message of violence, brutality, barbarianism, bloodshed to the international world as though Islam has taught all this.

High time for Pakistani people and governments: federal and all four provincial governments, it is, to surge masses’ participation in plans of security stringing so that it might become easier to catch those betrayed young blood before they could commit a likewise attack on any place of worship in future.

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